How Kindred Spirits is Different

Who do we think we are?

Actually, we have a pretty good idea.

We’re passionate

We’re driven to be lifelong learners. We strive to know more so we can keep being great at what we do. Dogs have a lot to teach us, as do others in our profession and fellow pet owners. We’re interested in training tools, teaching methods, body language, toys, health problems, behavior causes, games, nutrition–you name it, if it’s related to dogs, we’re all in.

We have experience. An embarassing amount of it.

We’ve seen it all, and helped the owner and the dog both. From fear, to aggression, goofy to serious–issues major and tiny, we’ve discussed, debated, researched, tried things, watched progress, adjusted as needed, and helped dogs time and time again. It’s kind of our thing.

We’ve got a team

Students of Kindred Spirits get a team to help them, too. See, we don’t have multiple trainers so we can rotate who is helping a class. We have a team so we can all help a class, at the same time. We keep an eye on progress, can give thumbs up as students progress, make small adjustments, and answer questions. Students come to class to learn and train / work / play with their dog, and that’s cool, because that’s what we provide and we have a team to help provide it.

We’re straightforward

We care about you and your dog enough to be honest and open. We’ll give it to you straight. None of our students get sold on packages they don’t need or promised things that never come true. If you ask our opinion, you won’t be kept up at night wondering if we sugar coated our response. We aim for clarity–with people and dogs–because they deserve it.

We’re effective

We offer methods that work and our goal is to get results. Nobody wants something that sounds great in theory but doesn’t work–nobody! Our training is based on things we’ve tried and tested, thought out, and fine-tuned. It’s how our long history can help you and your dog. We’re dedicated to working with people and their dogs, and our students think we’re not too shabby at it.

We care about you & your dog

We shouldn’t have to say it, but, we care. We want to help with whatever is going on with you and your dog, even if you just want her to return the ball when playing fetch. You’re on our website for a reason. We’re here to help with that. Really really.

Our training is not “one size fits all”

We don’t just offer the same program or boot camp to every owner that calls. That’s not how dog training works! We aim to work with you and your dog to find what will work for you and your dog. Our basic obedience class is built to help most people with most issues, but even in class we may tell one owner to do something slightly differently or make adjustments. Dogs are individuals and their owners are too. We want the joy of watching our students succeed, we’re selfish like that.