Canine Flu Vaccinations

There has been a lot of information, worry, and horror stories online about the canine flu. It spreads rapidly and is quite contagious with a high mortality. Thoughts are now that it originated in some rescue dogs brought in from another country as well as a show dog who was imported and then attended several dog shows. It may well have several origins; we don’t know.

At Kindred Spirits it is normal procedure for us to work to keep all dogs safe. We do require proof of vaccinations (or vaccination titers) when dogs are registered for classes and we won’t waive that. However we are not yet requiring proof of vaccination for the canine influenza; that’s a discussion you need to have with your veterinarian. If the canine flu increases in our area (which so far it has not – knock on wood!) then we may change our requirements.

If your dog is coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or has diarrhea – or otherwise appears sick – do not bring him to class. Call us and we’ll work with you to make up the classes you missed once your dog is feeling better or when your dog’s veterinarian says he can come back to class.We appreciate your help in our efforts to keep all class dogs safe and healthy. Thank you.