What Our Students Say About Us

Liz, Petra, Kate and all… I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful training and tips you have given me and my dog (sweet, bouncy, tail won’t stop wagging, Fran). At the end of the last class we were in, you thanked us and all I could think of was NO NO NO, THANK YOU!!! I knew she would learn and pick up on the basics (sit/stay/lie down) pretty well but the most important thing that I’ve noticed since going through the basic obedience class with her is how bonded we are now, and both of our confidence levels (in each other and ourselves) are so much higher. I knew it would bring us closer, but I didn’t realize it would bring this whole new level of respect and love between her and I. It is so amazing!! It’s like an improved (and improving!) version of an already amazing dog… When we rescued Fran, she was of course a love, but now even more so. She really does light up our lives so much. Dealing with life, personal issues, having a bad day and to come home to this beautiful, loving, and now well-behaved little tail-wagging best friend is just… words can’t describe. Brings tears to my eyes. I’ve already recommended Kindred Spirits to other people that I know and will continue to do so. I honestly can’t thank you enough…. you all deserve so much praise for the love and compassion you have for your own dogs and all of the ones who come through your classes. You will definitely be seeing us in the future for all of our training needs. Kelly & Fran

Dear Liz, Petra, Kate and company,

From the bottom of my heart – thank you! I’ve always loved my dog but I enjoy her much more now that we’ve both had some training.

I just wanted Shiloh to stop jumping on people and to not pull when I walk her. But you’ve taught us both so much more. Hip hip horray for Kindred Spirits!

All the best, Ellen and Shiloh

Hi Liz,

My 10 month old lab/border collie mix and I just graduated from your basic obedience class, and I wanted to first off say thank you for the great program that you run. Also, I have two success stories to share, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

First, a sit/stay saved my Louie from getting into the street. Sadly, this came not thirty minutes after I got the news that dear friend’s best companion had dashed out their back gate and into traffic. Unfortunately, that pup is no longer with us, and needless to say I nearly panicked when Louie got out of the garage when I neglected to put him in a sit before opening the back door. However, when I called his name he stopped to look back at me, and I said, “Sit.” In his best 10 month old teenage frown, he sat. I said, “Stay.” And he did until I got to him! It was very emotional of course while I was still trying to process the loss of our other friend, but Louie certainly got rewarded for listening to mom. These simple commands are so important, and it takes very little effort to practice. So thanks for that. Without the great training there might have been a different outcome.

Next, the past week has been a zoo at our house with a plumbing issue. There have been loads of strangers in and out of the house what with the water extraction crew, plumbers, demolition and soon to be restoration. (Can’t wait for that!) Anyway, Louie has had lots of practice with down/stay, and last night he held it with no reminders for ten whole minutes while I talked with one of the guys. I would hardly have thought it possible, but it really happened.

Thanks again for all your help. We’re looking forward to drop in classes after the holiday! Melissa

Dog obedience training isn't only for "bad dogs", teach your dog to come when called, walk nicely, or do tricks to make everyone smile!Hi Liz,

We wanted to tell you what happened the day after Quigley and Roo’s graduation from basic obedience class! Jody had taken Quigley on a walk Sunday afternoon around the neighborhood. When passing the home of an acquaintance several streets away, the man was on his hands and knees in his front yard and his wife was trying to help him up. Jody stopped and asked if they needed his help. He told Quigley to sit/stay, dropped his leash, and then proceeded to help the gentleman up from the ground and walk him into his house. The front door was closed and Jody helped him to a chair and made sure he was OK before going back outside. There was Quigley, still sitting in the same spot Jody had left him! Even after Jody disappeared into a strange house, Quigley didn’t move. We’re pretty sure he sensed the urgency of the situation, however, we’re very proud of him and very thankful for your class! Thanks again to you and your team for such a positive and rewarding experience. Jody and Joan Williams

Thanks to a recent small earthquake, we had a leak under the slab. A whole team of plumbers invaded, dragging equipment in and out, roving the house with funny beeping machines, and sawing drywall, and they all smelled so funny! At least to my dogs anyway, who wanted nothing more than to jump up and down, glue their noses to the plumbers’ shoes and bark, bark, bark. But they did not. The doorbell rang, and after a few barks of “I heard it too!”, they were quiet. Despite strange men in and out the door and strange noises and sudden chaos, the dogs were calm and stayed by me. Whenever I was approached, they were on alert but did not get up from their downs; a command I didn’t even have to give.

One of the plumbers mentioned that the owner of the house we rent was on the way over; an owner who, by the way, doesn’t even know that we have dogs. My first thought was “thank goodness the house is clean!”, my second thought was “oh my goodness, my first thought wasn’t about the dogs!” I realized that I wasn’t concerned about the dogs at all; I had faith that they would be well behaved and that it wouldn’t be a problem.

I had never imagined that my never trained dogs of childhood could possibly become the dogs they are today. We have worked through such a long list of problems that I would have previously considered the current problems we are working on too insignificant to address. We might take intermediate obedience a 5th or 6th time, but we’re just perfecting a few things and having fun. Since taking the trick training class, Dinky has been over the top enthusiastic about training. Whenever I get out the shoes that I wear only to Kindred Spirits she acts like it’s Christmas morning.

My husband has gone from exasperation with “my” dogs to enjoying “our” dogs; sometimes I’ll round a corner and catch him tickling their bellies. Patrick hasn’t met any of the Kindred Spirits trainers and saying that he is fond of them would be a gross understatement. I have even recently gained approval for getting a puppy.

I plan for all of my future puppers to be Kindred Spirits dogs, and we are never ever moving more than an hour away from our favorite human trainers (yes, I know it was really me that you were training all along).

Thank you Liz, Kate, and Petra.

Melissa Duffy

Dear Liz, I’m not sure if you will remember me or not, but I took a class with my husband, and two of our Golden Retrievers earlier this year. We were part of the “Goldens” only class, and we had a red boy, Jack, and a white boy, Kona, with us. We had a bit of a rough start with Kona, but by the end of the class, he was doing great. I just wanted to give you a quick update on them. Although Jack passed the LOAL training with flying colors, I determined after about 4 supervised visits that therapy just isn’t his thing. He would get very antsy and nervous on visits, and would whine after a very short time of being in a patient’s room, etc. The more nervous he got, of course the more nervous I got, (and embarrassed) it just wasn’t working out. Kona, on the other hand, has found his niche in life. We are making twice weekly visits to the VA Hospital’s Spinal Cord Injury Unit (where I am now the Visit Captain), and he is a star there! He is still very much a puppy at home, but he completely goes into “work mode” the minute I slip his bandanna on and we go on our visits. We also visit two different senior assisted living facilities, and a hospice. Each time we are out he impresses me with his gentle demeanor, and love he shows to the people we visit. I am so proud of the therapy dog he has become! I just wanted to thank you all for the excellent training, and encouragement you gave us during our classes. After the first class, I was sure we were going to be asked to leave, and I’m just so glad we stuck with it. It has opened up a new world for Kona and I, and I feel like I am doing something good for the community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Warmest wishes, Sue Subkow

Dear Liz,

Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed and learned from your Saturday Basic Obedience classes. We will continue to use all the techniques and information you shared with us. Your website is awesome!

Thanks, Emery, Maureen & Reilly Master

To The Ladies of Kindred Spirits:

When my family and I moved into base housing and were told one of our family members might not be allowed to live there to say we were crushed is an understatement. Our dog Sam was a rescue, half lab and the other half is where the problem laid, half pit. My three children began to panic thinking Sam would have to go. This was not an option I would accept.

So we all were attending the training at Kindred Spirits. We were nervous but the ladies here were upfront and honest about the challenges ahead of us. We worked with Sam everyday and saw the difference each and every time we trained.

Sam passed his test with flying colors and the amount of relief and happiness we all felt was a blessing! It is unfortunate that military families are being forced to do this just because of a certain breed of dog, but it’s worth saving a family member. Thanks again Ladies we are all truly thankful!

Sincerely, Bryan, Lindsay, Madison, Gage, Emma and SAM!!!

Liz,Dog training classes are a wonderful way to get information and practice having your dog focus and pay attention around distractions.

We have been to your puppy class two times now (with two different dogs), first Bailey, and now Maggie, both shown in the photo. The purpose of this note is to tell you we think Kate is really GREAT. What makes her great is she is “totally focused” on her training, her students and the puppies. It’s like a “switch” is turned on in her head and she becomes “at one” with her class and the puppies. I used to be a trainer in the business world and she’s good, not that everyone else is not but in my opinion she’s special. She brings “in” the students and the puppy to focus on their training. If someone is “not with them” she knows how to “diplomatically” bring them back. You know she loves the doggies and especially… “your dog”. So THANK YOU for what you do and for helping us with our cherished companions… our doggies…and thanks for having people like Kate. Chuck & Cathy Kogge

Liz: You’re the greatest. Pepper and we are really enjoying your classes, and most especially you! You are a great and wonderfully animated teacher. Sunny, Gina, boys & Pepper

Hi Liz, Kate, Petra and Katie,Dog training can be great fun! Kindred Spirits gives all dogs individual attention because we want to help you succeed!

Just a note to to say thanks for helping my Dad teach me how to be a good girl. It’s really COOL to be so cute and good too! Dad said i can come to some of your play days or even take another class but i have to take spring break first. So here’s a big tail wag to you, OOOPS! I forgot I don’t have a tail but you know what I mean.


PS: The dachshund down the street thinks I’m really HOT when I wear my new bandana!

Dear Liz, Thank you for teaching me how to walk my dog without my arm getting ripped off! All of you are great! Jayne and Lexy

Dear Liz, As you probably know, Pixie “made it” and is now a Therapy Dog in training. Pixie and I really worked hard this past year to accomplish this goal. However, it could not have happened had it not been for Kate, Petra, Maggie, Mary, the rest of your staff and yourself. All of you have been so patient and so good at teaching us humans how to handle our pets. Pixie is now such a joy to be with because I have learned how to handle her and in turn she has become very obedient. This is especially true when we take our daily walks. When I stop to speak to a friend, she now sits without a command and every time I stop at an intersection, she knows it is time for her to sit until I start walking again. She has finally stopped growling and barking at dogs and people she does not know and I owe it all to Kindred Spirits. Many thanks to you and your staff for teaching me how to “train” my pet. When Pixie gets her Therapy certification, we will come back to Kindred Spirits to learn some tricks from Kate and how to be a “good citizen” from you. Claire and Pixie

Classes teach a lot of skills over multiple weeks, giving you and your dog a chance to learn lots and get tips and tricks through the entire class.

Dear Liz and Red Shirt Ladies, Wow, Was I ever surprised when you presented me with the Woof Blue Ribbon! With such a bad start, I never dreamed that I would complete the class with an Award. My little heart was beating so fast and I tried my very best to execute each command with precision as I came forward. I want to sincerely thank you for the six weeks of training. I learned a lot and my Mommy learned even more. You and each of your Trainers were always patient caring and professional along with being clear and strict…nobody got away with anything in our class. Once again, thank you. I am proud to be a graduate of your Basic Obedience Class. I will proudly  practice and display the commands you taught me. We are looking forward to joining you from time to time on Thursday nights. Best wishes from Shiloh

Dear Kate,

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you & working with you today. Thank you so much for all of the information you imparted. Already Oliver is listening to me– “Ack” is working nicely against barking and I put my bird out in the sun today! All I had to do was say leave it and “Ack” once & he went & laid down. He is sitting & waiting too! Not to mention– tired– he must have thought a lot today!I am very excited to continue this work with you & your colleagues. All the best April Dresman & Oliver


Thank you so much for training me on how to train my dog Charlie. In just two short classes he and I are communicating better than ever before.The new collar is working great and I rarely have to correct him once it is in place. He can now take a walk beside his best friend, a 7 mo old lab mix Rocco, without pulling and playing the entire time. What a difference! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Regards, Penny and Charlie