Tricks Training Class

Trick training is great fun for both dogs and their owners! It’s still training – just as obedience training is – and builds on the training relationship you have with your dog. Dogs must have good basic obedience skills prior to enrolling in this class.

In this class, we talk about how to teach a lot of different tricks and you can pick and choose which to teach and practice during the class (and after!). We keep this class small so we can work with you and your dog on your tricks.

Next class will be on Thursdays at 7:00 pm, from August 16 to September 20.

(No class on September 6th.)

This course is five weeks long, one hour per week, and is $100.

This class is only available to Kindred Spirits graduates. Class size is limited, so to reserve a spot, email

If you would like to be notified when a class is upcoming, submit your information using the “Interested?” tab below.

Trick dog training classes are a great way to teach your dog silly or even useful things!
Dog training can be fun and easy! It isn't all obedience classes, "find it" is a simple fun game. for your dog
Obedience training isn't the only thing we teach your dog! Tricks are a good way to get your dog's attention!
Our training classes include fun dog training, jumping through a hoop is confidence building and fun!
Wondering how to train dog tricks? We have classes! Forget obedience for a while and teach your dog games!

Teaching your dog tricks:

  • improves your communication with your dog.
  • strengthens the foundation of enjoying learning and training.
  • builds confidence in dogs
  • promotes having fun with your dog
  • helps calm energetic dogs
  • is an alternate behavior to replace problem behavior

Plus, you and your dog can entertain your family and amaze your friends! Over 30 different tricks will be taught—not that we expect you and your dog to learn them all during the five weeks. But we want to give you the foundations for teaching tricks for a long time to come!

Tricks taught in this class include:

  • Shake
  • Here
  • Crawl
  • Front
  • Back up
  • Jump
  • Touch
  • Spin
  • High Five
  • Mark
  • Beg
  • Weave
  • Play dead
  • Bow
  • Paws Up
  • Get it
  • Dance
  • Speak
  • Wave
  • Circle
  • Say your prayers
  • Roll over
  • Get it
  • Take it
  • Tug
  • Find it
  • Say you’re sorry
  • Sneeze
  • Follow me
  • Kisses

This class will be scheduled in response to student interest. We will contact you when we have enough students on the sign up list to comprise a class.

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