Dog Training: Intermediate Level

This class is to better your dog’s skills in attention, leash awareness, stay, and come. New commands include:  stand and finish. All commands are practiced with greater distance and distractions. This class is only open to graduates of Kindred Spirits’ Basic obedience class.

This course is five weeks long, one hour per week, and is $100.

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We teach your dog not to pull on leash, even walking by a bowl of food. Training is for all dogs.
How to get your dog's attention is one of the best things you can teach your dog! We cover it in puppy class, basic class, intermediate obedience, and advanced obedience.
Coming when called is necessary and good dog training, it's good for puppies and dogs of all ages. Our obedience classes cover it in multiple ways with professional trainers.

The basic skills, such as come, attention, leash awareness, and stay, are worked at a higher degree of challenge for you and your dog. Additional skills include: heel on the other side, the finish, and stand. Commands given from a distance are taught, with emphasis on verbal and hand signal skills.

  • Emphasis on loose leash walking
  • Higher level of heel skills:  varying pace, turns, heeling on the handler’s other side, and the finish
  • Additional commands: stand and finish
  • Performing commands at a distance from handler and with higher degrees of distraction present

This class will be scheduled in response to student interest. We will contact you when we have enough students on the sign up list to comprise a class.

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Standing when asked might not seem necessary but it can be useful, and the more you train your dog the more you can ask of them.
How to get your dog's attention is important, heel is a skill useful for walking past any distractions including barking dogs and food and street fairs.
Heel and finish are good obedience skills, we encourage those after not pulling on leash. Walking your dog should be the easiest thing you do all day.