Class Cancelled!

It just began raining here at the field so we’re cancelling classes for tonight, Wednesday, February 17th.

We’ll extend the class one week so you get the same number of classes. If you can’t make it to any of the classes, find another class on the same week as the one you missed our calendar and you may attend that class, just let us know which class you’re from so we can mark your attendance.

We’ll get the calendar updated, this class was scheduled to graduate Wednesday, March 2, and we’ll extend that one week and instead graduate Wednesday, March 9th. Barring more rain!
We’re happy for the rain, after a long drought. We’ll do everything we can to hold class if we can, notify everyone if we have to cancel, and make the scheduling as smooth as possible for everyone so we can focus on doing what we do–dog training!

Psst! If it’s raining and you’re stuck indoors, how about reading some articles or playing a game with your dog?