Carting is great fun as well as super brain and body exercise for your dog. It has practical uses, too. Why should you do all the physical work when your dog can help you?

Dogs must have good basic obedience skills, especially walking nicely on leash and stay. No aggression, please, especially towards people. Dogs may be of any breed, large or small, as long as you can fit him or her with the appropriate harness. If a siwash hardness isn’t available in your dog’s size (see below) contact us. Dog’s should not have any physical problems with the front legs, neck, shoulders, or back.

Training your dog to pull a cart is fun and easy, as well as useful! Contact our trainers today.


In the carting class you will learn how to put the harness on your dog, how to make sure he’s hooked up properly to pull weight, and you will learn how the harness, traces, and other equipment works. You’ll refresh your dog’s obedience commands in harness, plus teach him some new exercises that apply to carting. By the end of the five weeks of class, we hope to have your dog pulling a light weight cart with few problems.

You must have a siwash carting harness for your dog on the first week of class.

You can find them here:

This particular harness is required for class as it will hook up to our carts that you will be using. The harness comes with traces; make sure you bring those with you to class. (Other types of harness will not work.)

Take a look at the sizing measuring instructions on the Nordkyn website. They are easy to do but very specific.

Please don’t do anything with your new harness prior to class; we will show you how it fits to your dog, how it should be adjusted, and how to adjust the length of the traces. Do label your harness and traces (or bring a tote bag) so they don’t get mixed up.

Making sure the harness it correctly sized and fitted is important; we are going to be asking your dog to do some physical work and if the harness is not correct, it could harm him.

Class Description

This is a one hour a week class for 8 weeks for $85. It is an eight week class as it’s an information heavy, physical class.

First week is Thursday October 11th at 7:00 pm. Graduation is Thursday December 13th; no class on Thanksgiving.

The class on Thursday Dec 6th is an optional class. There will be no class at the training yard but we will bring carts with us to Kindred Spirits’ community walk in downtown Vista and the dogs in the carting class can take turns pulling carts on the walk.

Graduation will be working your dog, with a cart, with weight, through several exercises and a walking course much like the draft tests.

So order your dog’s harness, drop us an email or call to let us know you’ll be attending,
and we’ll see you on the field!


Next class will be on Thursdays at 7:00 pm, October 11 to December 13.

No class on November 22 (Thanksgiving) and Thursday, December 6th is optional.


This course is eight weeks long, one hour per week, and is $85.

This class is only available to Kindred Spirits graduates. Class size is limited, so to reserve a spot, email

If you would like to be notified when a class is upcoming, submit your information using the “Interested?” tab below.


Carting training teaches your dog how to work with you! Kindred Spirits Dog Training gives hearty approval to working with dogs.
Walter, Kate Abbott's dog, appreciates training and attention games.
Professional dog trainers enjoy taking off from obedience to teach fun things, like carting!


  • improves your communication with your dog
  • is great fun
  • builds confidence in dogs
  • super brain and body exercise for your dog
  • has practical uses

Why should you do all the physical work when your dog can help you?

Topics in this class include:

  • fitting a harness
  • parts of harness and traces
  • fitting traces
  • commands for turning
  • conditioning prior to carting

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