Behavior Consultations

Kindred Spirits Dog Training offers personalized behavioral consultations at our training yard. During the consultation, a detailed case history is taken, asking questions about your dog, his actions good and bad, his health, and his relationship with you and the family.  The problem or problems that brought you to the behavior consultation are discussed in detail. At the conclusion of the consultation, a course of action is recommended and discussed in detail and  a written report will be emailed to you with the details and recommendations.  

The recommendations may include training, environmental (home, yard or living arrangements) changes, owner/family relationship changes, a change of food, as well as exercise and play. Once in a while the owner is recommended to talk to their veterinarian for a complete physical or for mood altering medication for the dog.

Liz Palika and Kate Abbott are available for behavioral consultations by appointment only. Consultations are held at the Kindred Spirits training yard. Email Kate, or call 760-630-4824. Consultations are $175.

Liz Palika with Sisko, her Australian Shepherd